About Kenya

A remarkable safari destination for Photographers and Wildlife enthusiasts

Kenya is an African country dissected by the equator and situated on the eastern coast of Africa.  It is bordered by Tanzania, Uganda, Ethiopia, Sudan and Somali,. Kenya has a population of approximately 40million people whom constitute of 42 different tribes.

Of the 05 Eastern African countries, Kenya is well place in regards to Wildlife safari and holiday varieties.

Kenya is a remarkable safari destination. With a thriving population of a wide range of African Mammals, Kenya remains among some of the most preferred destinations for a wildlife safari.
For a Photographer, wildlife enthusiast and naturalist alike, Kenya offers a plethora of flora and fauna.
With its numerous park and varying Landscapes, Kenya offers the photographer the perfect backdrop for your photography of filming activities.

Maasai Mara is among the favorites with the annual wildebeest migration happening annually. The abundance of wildlife makes it a favorite destination for many. Big cats and herbivores are all in abundance as it’s also famed as the park where you can easily spot and photograph the ‘Big Five’.

Other notable parks are Amboseli, Samburu, Lake Nakuru, Ol Pejeta, Lakes Magadi, Bogoria, Baringo, Elementaita, Turkana, Oloiden and Naivasha among others.

The Rift Valley dissects the western part of Kenya. It hosts a vast variety of bio-diversity. It also provides the back drop for aerial photography with amazing contrasts and landscape. Notably, the Suguta Valley is considered among the hottest places on earth. The Lake Logipi, Silale Crater, Poror Ridge, Suguta Dunes, Mount Nyiro, Mathews Range, Chalbi Desert, Magado Crater are among the least explored regions but a spectacle worth photographing.

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