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I’m well and back in the UK. Noelle and the kids return on Sunday. Thanks for looking after us so well on the safari, we all had an excellent time and both you and James were friendly, knowledgeable and enjoyable company. I would wholly recommend your services to friends and family. I’ll spread the word here if anyone is coming to Kenya on safari.
Best wishes

James Hunter
James Hunter, August 2015, United Kingdom

Hola a todos!
Mi nombre es Adelardo Domínguez, y este verano después de mucho mirar y buscar agencias de confianza para realizar un safari con mi novia decidi reservar con Features Africa.Contacté directamente desde España con Karanja Njiiri y en todo momento me aconsejó para que el viaje cumpliese mis espectativas.Tras muchos correos por fin cerramos todos los detalles y he de decir que todo lo que se prometió se cumplió e incluso mejoró ya que desde el primer momento Karanja estuvo muy pendiente de que todo estuviese a nuestro gusto. Pasando al tema más importe, el safari, he de decir que durante los diez dias que estuvimos con él, vimos todos los animales posibles ya que es un gran guía y se preocupa muchísimo para que puedas disfrutar de toda la fauna Keniata.Mi experiencia personal fué inmejorable, por el trato y la profesionalidad de Karanja, gran profesional y mejor persona.Espero que algún dia podamos repetir la aventura, aprovecho para enviarle a Karanja un abrazo y agradecerle nuevamente su paciencia y la manera en que nos hizo disfrutar de su tierra. Un saludo y hasta siempre.

Adelardo Domínguez Giles
Adelardo Domínguez Giles, Inmaculada Nevares Blanco, Madrid, Espana

We wish to send you a sincere “thank you” for all of your assistance during our recent trip to Suguta valley. It was invaluable to us and we all realize and appreciate it greatly. Your professionalism and efficiency was comforting and reassuring even as we had our walking safari.
You will come highly recommended to others and deservingly so!

Betty Jones
Betty Jones, Wildlife Photographer

Latest from Our Blog

Up Close and Personal with the Giraffe and Elephants

May 25, 2017
Cases of orphaned wild animals are increasingly commonplace, often attributed to injuries, poaching, abandoned young ones or loss of animal habitat due to human encroachment among other factors.

Planning a Wildlife Photography Safari?

June 18, 2016
A wildlife photographer will always be very conscious of the gear to be used while on a photography safari. While the right gear for the safari is paramount to taking back home award winning

“Roar Under Siege “

May 4, 2016
Yesterday, a famous Lion (Mohawk) from Nairobi National park Kenya was gunned down by the park rangers after it strayed into the human settlements. A few houres later, another sub adult was speared by the Maasai community members who live adjacent to the national park. As recent as late last year, the Marsh pride from Musiara marsh was poised by Maasai Herders at the Maasai Mara National Reserve. Going by this trend, Lions are slowly bearing the brunt of human wildlife conflict in a magnitude never seen previouslyAccording to the IUCN, among the major causes of threat are  indiscriminate killing in defense of human life and livestock, habitat loss, and prey base depletion. Prey base depletion is partly linked to habitat loss. In Kenya, of major concern is the growing human wildlife conflict emanates from; Population Growth which has seen more and more excision of public and community resources. Approximately 10 to 15 years back, as you drove from Narok town towards the Maasai Mara National reserve, there was a stretch of vast land with resident migrant species. This wildlife dispersal areas are slowly been sold of to individuals who have subsequently fenced of hindering the movement of wildlife.  Climate change has also greatly affected the availability of natural resources. For the majority of pastrolist community who live off domestic animals, continued decline of rainfall levels year in year out has seen a major reduction in pasture, they resort to grazing their cattle inside the national reserves.  Poor government policies and uninformed policy makers have also greatly contributed by failing to come up with laws that protect natural habitats Corruption has bedeviled the land demarcation process and seen natural habitats end up in the hands of unscrupulous dealers. Will the Lions survive this multifaceted onslaught? The communities surrounding these Wildlife conservation areas will need to be continuously sensitized on the importance of bio diversity not only to the current generation but even future generations. Every citizen of the Human kind will need to take a more pro active role in being an ambassador of the world if we are to save the remaining wild species that roam the earth. Karanja Njiiri. All Images Copyright Features Africa.

The Elephant Tragedy

May 4, 2016
On a rainy Saturday Afternoon, The President of the Republic of Kenya lit a fire that would burn for another six days. The motive of the fire is to burn down to ashes all stock Ivory held the Kenya wildlife Service, a body charged with the responsibility of conserving and safe guarding wildlife in Kenya. 105 Tonnes of Ivory and 1.35 Tonnes was the total haul up for burning.  On the 01 Day of May, a drenched morning at the Nairobi National Park, Kenya i paid a visit to the site. The ivory was still on fire. It was stacked in metal pyres to support the Ivory fed with underground fuel burners. Part of the Ivory was completely burnt but however the fire needs to be stopped from time to time for re stacking the Ivory. The Ivory burning site is engulfed in smoke and an overcast evening which enhances the sombre mood as the fire crackles. It is sad to see the plunder and destruction the human race is causing. For the survival of Elephants, the world will have to work together. Once the TRADE in Ivory STOPS, the Killing STOPS. All leaders will have to convince their individual law making institutions on the need to ban the Trade in Ivory within their respective jurisdictions. With that conquered, we will surely get there.  #WorthMoreAlive #KillTheTrade #HandsOffOurElephants “In the course of history, there comes a time when humanity is called to shift to a new level of consciousness, to reach a higher moral ground. A time when we have to shed our fear and give hope to each other. That time is now.” – Wangari Maathai